How’s Tricks?

Dear Readers,

At least one of you know I haven’t had a thought, original or otherwise, in weeks.  Maybe it’s been obvious to everyone from previous entries although I have tried to pretend otherwise.  Point is, this blog’s due date found me in a state of semi-somnambulism, flatlining, poring over decorating magazines and cookbooks. …you know, I’m going to spare you all that and tell you what got my crank turning, albeit slowly, this past evening.

A friend sent me an email with the subject line “How’s Tricks?” I was reminded of  a commercial for a cereal named TRIX.  There was a cartoon rabbit involved and the tagline “TRIX are for kids!”  I don’t recall much else about the ad but something was triggered by the question and because I’ve been writhing around in my mind wondering what to talk about besides what’s really been occupying my time these past weeks I want to just go with that trigger and riff on what came along.

Trigger was Roy Roger’s late horse.  Rumour had it that he was stuffed – taxidermied – and displayed in the Rogers’ living room.  Could be true.

What came along?  Hopalong Cassidy, another fictional cowboy.  Hopalong came along and went…

“How’s tricks?” asked my friend and this is what happened:

Tricks are for turning.  Turning’s for into, for leaves, for wheels.  Turning’s the younger sister of tossing.  Tossing’s for salad, horse shoes, the extraneous.  Tossing’s for proud heads, ideas, remarks.  Remarks are for making, deciphering, interpreting, provoking.  Remarks are for responding to.   (Yes I ended that sentence with a preposition; isn’t there some rule against that?  Ah well, such is the way of the world these days).

Responding says Yes.  Yes, I acknowledge you, I hear you.  Yes I agree, Yes there’s more to this.  Responding says we’re all here, emitting sounds and scratching symbols, Yes there is meaning in these patterns.

Responding invites some form of convention.  How’s tricks?  Well, there’s the new baby.  And the new digs.  And daughter’s daddy’s not doing too well.  Finally got lights for my bike and a new dining table.  Got a bad haircut and looked like Abe Simpson; got a good haircut and look like Anderson Cooper.  Found a terrific place for fresh fish and seafood.  I miss my friends in Vancouver.

In an advice column recently I read about “first world problems” and was reminded once again of all I have to be grateful for and all the things I take for granted.  I am supremely blessed.  Health, good friends, family, enough money and education and the occasional flash of curiosity to allow me plenty of  choice.  Right now feels like a good time.

How’s tricks?  Ask Hoyle, that authority on card games.  He’d probably say tricks are for taking.  Tricks are for trumping.  And trumping … somebody take it from here, please!


One response to “How’s Tricks?

  1. You did get an idea! Blogs can be challenging. I just did a blog tour for my most recent release, and even though I’d created 17 different blogs, I had to create a new one because of a
    special requests. It was about what book inspired me to write my book. That gave me an idea for some different promotions. Ideas breed more ideas. Good Luck!

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