Ribbons in Her Hair

I love watching Castle because Nathon Fillion does such a good job playing a writer. Right down to those moments when some little thing – a seemingly inconsequential piece of information – sparks a firestorm underneath him.

I was sitting at my desk on Saturday the 25th trying to figure out what to write this blog post about. I’ve had several ideas over the last few weeks but nothing stuck well enough to motivate me to sit down and write it out.

Until now.

Drinking coffee and reading poems from Jane Hirshfield’s “Come, Thief” I came across a poem about endings, and almost instantaneously … “I’m glad to be with you, Samwise Gamgee, here at the end of all things.” … popped into  my head.

It’s the third time in a week that something about LOTR has popped up on my radar. Which to me is clearly an indication I need to watch it again.


It’s been a hard summer here. We’re all looking forward to autumn. Today we’re going apple picking at a local orchard and will come home loaded down with more apples than I probably know what to do with. (Thankfully the boy eats them like candy.) There will be pie and muffins and bread. But these apples – these aren’t your gigantic, tasteless, grocery-store monstrosities. These are small, filled with juice and flavor. They will last for longer than you’d think possible.

Last year we didn’t get to do this. A late freeze killed off the blossoms and there were no apples to be had. Such is the way of nature. As with life there are little guarantees.


A few weekends ago I got to go to a “Time Traveler’s Circus” up on the mountains. A collection of music, magic, dance, and mountain sunshine. I heard some fantastic performers – folks who truly love what they do and that joy shows in their faces and their movement.

I kept ruminating afterward about how “normal” society tends to look down on people like this. They are the fringes, the weirdos, the misfits, the hippies. They play rock, the accordion, sing raucous songs, dance to baudy ones. They eat fire and make balloon animals, do magic for children and adults alike. Some might hold “normal” jobs, but for others this is their life. They are following their bliss and it’s such a sight to behold. A pointed reminder that in all this day to day drudgery we sometimes put ourselves through it’s still important to find that one bright spot of fire inside and keep it lit.


I have started writing and reading again. I can’t find enough music to listen to even at 55GB and counting. 😀 I love the 21st Century – YouYube and iTunes, Facebook and websites provides indy musicians with a platform that was denied to them in the MTV days. Now I can have a friend post a video for a band I’ve never heard of on FB and when I go to check it out I may or may not like them … but I get lost in the endless suggestions that pop up on the sidebar and oftentimes will find someone new with a sound I love. Someone I never would have heard of otherwise.

Autumn is my favorite time anyway, but it seems like this season provides more relief than just the normal transition into winter. This is a new breath of life for me and for many of the people I know and love. It was a hard summer, one we weren’t sure we’d get clear of unscathed. One that sadly many people didn’t. We were lucky and I’m grateful for it every day.


But now the air is cooler in the mornings. Now there is a rustle of wind through leaves that are starting to die. I’m seeing flowers bloom in my garden for the second time. I just bought new boots (and sandals on clearance 😛 ), am looking around for sweaters and pulling out my long-sleeved running shirts. The time for tank tops and shorts is almost over, though Colorado has a way of letting us stretch those things out into October sometimes.


The year is sliding to a close and I am looking forward to running through leaves, apple cider, frost on the car, firepits in the backyard, costumes, hats and gloves, and reasons to snuggle under blankets.

4 responses to “Ribbons in Her Hair

  1. Autumn’s my favorite season. Even though the calendar says it’s still three weeks off, you’ve put me in the mood for it. And after what you describe as a hard summer, it sounds as if you are on an upswing. Good for you!

    • Yeah. 😀 August/September has always been the start of fall for me.

      I’m doing better, thanks. 🙂 We’re getting all settled into routine again, which is always a good thing for me.

  2. September is my birthday month, so I like the “edge” of Autumn too. Here in the Pacific NW, September is our best month for weather. Cool nights, and then the sunshine comes out and warms up the day. Apple picking reminds me to go East and get a supply.

  3. No…summer, please don’t go yet,

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