Guest Blogger October Weeks

We’re delighted to have October Weeks guest blogging with us today. October’s short story, THE RED BARN was released last week and it looks like the perfect seasonal read! October is  is a friend of Ana Ramsey’s, so we’ll leave the introductions to her:

 I first met October a number of years ago on a book discussion message board, but it’s only been within the last few years that our mutual love of writing was made known to me. Not only does October write strong, memorable female characters, but she’s a strong woman herself. Just the way I like my friends. – Ana
That Time of Year

Autumn is my favorite time of year, especially October and November. Crisp air, beautiful colors, the beauty in dying leaves and trees. It’s simply refreshing. Autumn is also the season where I get the urge bake- constantly. Pies, cookies, bread, cake. If I could bake every day I would. Not just for me, even- for others. My favorite thing to bake is apple pie- can’t seem to bake enough of them! I love the way it makes everything smell delicious.

The season seems to wrap itself around me; cozy and comforting. Just as warm and comforting as the mug of hot chocolate (dark chocolate, of course) that’s almost always in my hand. Seriously, I STOCK up on it! Whether I’m writing or baking, there’s normally a mug of it nearby.

 (Photo purchased from iStock. Please don’t copy)

Hiking and taking long walks, especially in the woods, are common for me as well. Not only is the cool air refreshing, but the scents are as amazing and vivid as the colors!

(Photo purchased from iStock. Please don’t copy)

My writing is more active and refreshed as well. As a matter of fact, last year, just in the month of October, I started four novels/novellas. Two of those books were shelved. Another- my Zombie YA- is currently sitting at 29k, and my novella, Ghoultown, was just signed with Musa Publishing.

Don’t get me wrong, I get ideas every day of the year from thousands of different places and people and things, but autumn just overflows with them. Probably three-quarters of my books take place in the season; the others are a scattering of Winter, Spring and Summer.

My short story, The Red Barn, was published Friday, August 31 with Musa Publishing. It’s my first official publication as a writer and I couldn’t have dreamed of a better way to start my favorite time of year! Even though it was written in a day and a half at the beginning of February. 🙂

Here’s a quick blurb of The Red Barn. To learn more, please visit my website- – and feel free to look around!


I have escaped my afterlife for over two centuries; locking my spirit into the old red barn. There have been many owners since my death, but none have ever given me as much strength and feeling as the new male owner does. There’s just one problem; his wife.

She sickens me, and I can no longer take her presence in my barn. She comes and takes my personal belongings- to sell.

She is unbearable to me- one of us has to go. And it sure as hell isn’t going to be me. 

9 responses to “Guest Blogger October Weeks

  1. Welcome October! What an interesting name.

  2. Hey, October! Fall is my favorite season, too, though I’ll trade the hot chocolate for hot tea any day. Thanks for joining us. 🙂


  3. October, I’m with you about the fall, although I’m always waffling between April (finally longer nights) and September (ah, so refreshing) as my favorite month.


    • I’m such a Fall girl 🙂 Allergies get me wicked in the Spring, Summer’s too hot (for me, that is), and Winter’s…well, Vermont Winter’s can be quite long. Though we got off easy this last one!

  4. Welcome to Black Ink, White Paper, October. The excerpt is intriguing, so I stopped by your website. Unfortunately, GoDaddy has parked it.

    Oh! You like hot chocolate. Me, too, although sometimes I’ll add a splash of Bailey’s. 🙂 I love autumn, as well: cool, colorful, brisk and bracing.

  5. Thanks for joining us! That story hook is awesome. I’m going to have to read it. 😀
    K (who adores fall)

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