Sun, Sand, Surf

Anyone who knows me, or has read this blog knows how much I love going to the beach. My favorite winter time escapes are usually tropical in nature. I need a good dose of vitamin D and days of swimming in the ocean to find my balance when the days are long are dark.
But, when our boys were young, we spent more time visiting the beaches in Oregon during the summertime. Now, I’ll agree that Washington has some gorgeous beaches. We spent a week camping on the Olympic peninsula many years ago. But, some of our favorite trips were down to the Cannon Beach area in Oregon.
We have a new generation in our family, our granddaughter Sophia, (who now that she can talk, prefers to be called “Sophie”). This summer, we wanted to begin creating memories and family traditions for her.
So, we rented a house down in Lincoln City, Oregon for week. She’s almost two years old, and it seemed to me that water and sand at the beach would be a perfect combination to entertain a toddler. Plus, with a stop in Portland in between, it seemed a manageable car trip.
I was right. From the moment we stood on the deck of the house and pointed out the ocean and beach, she couldn’t stop talking about it. “Beach, beach, beach” she repeated, before we’d even stepped a foot onto the sand.
Sticks, seashells, feathers, and piles and piles of sand, both wet and dry intrigued her. A pretty substantial amount was taste-tested, (maybe it was the salty flavor?) It was the simple pleasures of putting our feet in the ocean as it curled up to the shore, finding amazing starfish in the tide pools and watching whales frolic off shore that entertained us.
Our family meals were filled with jokes, laughter and memories of previous trips to the ocean. Sometimes a bit sad because of our loved one no longer with us. But, we did create new memories for Sophie, and as I look at the photos we took, it’s astonishing to consider how simple pleasures like this enrich our lives so much.
Like the sand on the beach, we pile up tiny moments of wonder into a rich, swirling life that stretches across years. Our memories are the things that link us together and connect our hearts.
Go find your best beach.

3 responses to “Sun, Sand, Surf

  1. As Sophie digs in the sand, I dig her boots. What a wondrous age, when all is new, demanding to be tested and tasted.

  2. We’ve found our best beach and we get there as often as possible. Looks like you had a lovely time with Miss Sophie!

  3. Next time you head down to LC, remind me to point you towards the BEST DANG CHILDREN’S LIBRARIAN in Oregon. She’s at Newport’s library, close to Lincoln City. You will adore her…and Sophie will want to keep her as a pet!

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