A House Isn’t a Home Without a Cat (or Three)

Two weeks before my wedding back in 2009, my two-year-old cat, Onyx, passed away very unexpectedly from a lung infection. I was devastated. Not long before her death I’d lost the last of my six ferrets and I just couldn’t imagine getting another animal anytime soon.

Apparently, the Universe didn’t think that was a good plan. The day after my wedding, my husband’s cousin called us asking if we wanted a kitten. Her dad had found a momma cat with two babies hiding in his boat. As soon as she realized her hiding place had been discovered, momma ran off with one of the kittens, but didn’t come back for the second. Knowing that we were feline-free, they called us to take the kitten in.

As heart-broken as I still was, I couldn’t say no. Especially not when they brought the kitten over and I took one look into his bright blue eyes. He was just a tiny ball of dark brown, grey, and white tabby cat that was small enough to fit in the palm of one hand.

And for all of about twenty-four hours we pondered the merits of getting him a playmate. Then my best friend called to tell us that a mutual friend had found a litter of abandoned kittens in her back yard. Because this mutual friend is highly allergic to cats, the kittens had been moved from the mutual friend’s house to my best friend’s house and all six of them were now safely ensconced in her bedroom.

We were only planning on taking one home. Honest! But as soon as we opened that door and saw the pile of fluffballs tumbling and rolling all over the place and mewing like their lives depended on it, we fell in love with all of them. There were three sets of twins – two grey tabbies, two orange tabbies, and two mackerel tabbies who looked almost exactly like the one we already had.

Of course we couldn’t take all six of them home so we ended up narrowing our choices down to a little puff of grey and a giant puff of orange. I was in love with the grey one and my husband would not put the orange one down, so we ended up bringing both of them home with us.

Three little balls of fluff that fast grew into enormous balls of intelligent mischievousness covered in cat fur. As cats are wont to do, they all quickly made themselves right at home both in our house and in our hearts.



3 responses to “A House Isn’t a Home Without a Cat (or Three)

  1. Thanks, Ana. Now I want a kitten. 🙂

  2. Cute! Have a great weekend.

  3. We have two ferals: Sophia, our brown tabby, now approaching seventeen years of age, and Georgie, our solid black male, thirteen. Couldn’t live without them, although some day we must. Glad you five are doing well. 🙂

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