Playing Dress-Up

It’s a stage I have never actually outgrown. You  know— when as a child you donned princess outfits, cowboy boot and hats, played with toy guns (not politically correct now) and became a knight, a soldier, a Queen or a pirate. Living in a fantasy world of your own creation.

I’m definitely a grown up now. Officially a “Grannie” and yet I simply can’t shed my love of dressing up and assuming the role of a character. Not necessarily a character in one of my books, that’s too personal. After all, I know more about those folks than anyone else, and they are not me.

But, from time to time I create costumes, put them on and wander out to portray someone else in the real world. It’s called “cos-play” now-a-days. A fancy name for what my mother simply calls, “your get-ups”.  And while that might sound a bit derisive, it isn’t. She contributes more to my cache of costume treasures than anyone else. She loves garage sales, church sales and thrift shops, where all the best treasures are found. I simply have to tell her what I’m looking for and before long; it appears on my doorstep via UPS.

So of course, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but when you can combine cos-play with Halloween, you have the perfect weekend. “Steamcon IV: Victorian Monsters” was held October 26 -28 in Bellevue, WA. I’ve been to every single Steamcon, and the programs and events are always fun.

I learned about Victorian burial rituals and mourning, Spiritualism, Monsters, the influence of Fairy Tales on the Victorians, and listened to a variety of music. The art displays were amazing, and the merchant’s room filled with creative stuff I wanted to buy.

But best of all, I had the opportunity to dress up and mingle with other folks who share my enthusiasm for the Neo-Victorian life and “get-ups”. To the extreme. What a lovely way to spend a weekend.




2 responses to “Playing Dress-Up

  1. Oh, so cool! I love when I find a kindred soul. My 16 y.o. is big into ‘cosplay’ and he has a hard time believing his old mom used to wander around in an old tweed coat, a 20 foot long scarf, a crusher hat, and an old screwdriver covered in aluminum foil when she was in college. 🙂

  2. It was a magical weekend. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

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