I just got back from a voice lesson and I feel like purring. What is it about singing?  As a kid I sang in the high school choir, even got to be understudy to the alto lead – then spent the two months before the performance praying for her good health since I was terrified at the thought I might have to actually sing solo. 

But harmony?  I was happy as a little wren back there in the chorus.  Then life happened and I got busy and for the next 30 years, stopped singing.  Until I went through a bad patch and woke up one morning thinking, “I need more joy in my life,” which somehow led to the idea of joining a choir.  I asked friends for the names of local choirs, jotting the names down here and there and promptly forgetting them.  Really, I didn’t have time.  Then we were invited to a dinner where we met a choir director who invited me to join his choir.  When I ran into him again the next day, he repeated the invitation: Universal Gospel Choir.  Which prodded me enough to dig out the names of all those other choirs people had recommended.  Every one of them was, Universal Gospel Choir.

I can take a hint.  The first time I went to choir practice, I enjoyed it.  The second time, I sat in the middle of the alto section thinking, “Something’s going on here.”  It felt like not only were we making harmonies of soprano, alto, tenor and bass – beautiful enough.  But more, it felt as if every cell of my body was vibrating in harmony with the cells of the singers all around me. 

I don’t know if that was actually happening, but I know that the happiness I feel after a choir practice (and in spades after a concert) is profound.  As if every cell of my body really has been harmonizing with the cells of everyone around me, and the silly grins on our faces are proof.  What a gift!

Kate Braid


One response to “Harmony

  1. Sounds like fun.

    I have a pretty good singing voice, but I have never been able to sing harmony. I keep drifting off into melody.

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