Piece of Cake

Actually, the whole darned thing. I’m not prone to eating cakes, much less photographing them. But when my friend Kristina brought this over to celebrate one of life’s smaller milestones, I simply couldn’t resist because, oh, the artistry and the whimsy. Check it out:

It’s a hatbox!!

Turn it around, and see the spill of frosted flowers and leaves slipping beneath the tilted lid.

Lift the lid, and find the delectable treasures inside, waiting to be savored.

This pretty little cake was a treat for the eyes and the tongue and that milestone felt so well marked and honored, which brings me to the real point of this post.

Celebrate the small stuff.

Big goals take a long time to achieve. Sometimes, it can feel like you’ll never, ever make it. You get disheartened, lose the faith. When you feel that happening, step back, take a look at what you have accomplished, what you’ve learned, how many rungs you’ve climbed on your way to the top – whatever the top is for you. Take a moment to appreciate how far you‘ve come rather than focusing on the seemingly interminable road ahead. Then treat yourself to a glass of bubbly, a cup of great tea, lunch with a friend or a nice piece of cake.  Celebrate your progress and your efforts; reward yourself for the accomplishments, all the jobs well done along the route. You deserve it. We all do.



5 responses to “Piece of Cake

  1. It’s the journey, not the destination. Each point, each NOW, along the way needs to be celebrated.

    Thanks for the reminder, especially during these trying times.

  2. Amazing piece of work! The other thing this reminds me of is the preciousness of friends, the reminder of what’s really important. Thanks!

  3. Oh, that is one stellar cake! And there are no small milestones. So glad you celebrated yours!

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