Why I Won’t Follow Users of TrueTwit

I haven’t had a Twitter rant in a while, so I’m due.

Here’s what TrueTwit says about its service – quoted from its website –

“… a service committed to making it easier to manage your Twitter followers without having to wade manually though spam users. TrueTwit attempts to validate your new followers to see if they are human as opposed to automated bots…”

Here’s what happens when I follow someone who uses TrueTwit:

  1. I get a direct message
  2. It prompts me to hit a link
  3. The link brings me to a site to add information
  4. Based on what I input, TrueTwit will determine if I’m spam or not.

Using an automated service to determine if I’m human?

Ironic, isn’t it?

Notice it says “…TrueTwit attempts to validate your new followers…”

For this reason alone, I’d never use the service. What kind of confidence does that line instill?

For those who do use it though, all I can say is: No thanks.

In real life, if you want to be my friend or get to know me, here’s what you do. You approach me, introduce yourself, and say hello.

You DON’T send a representative to check me out beforehand. That’s rude. We’re talking about social networking here, not arranging a marriage.

If you can’t take five seconds to find out about me by going to my profile, or looking at my tweet history to see that I’m human, then I have to wonder why you’re on Twitter at all.

People who lock/block/privatize their accounts and make it difficult for me to follow them send a clear message – they DON’T want to be bothered.

I’m cool with that. I don’t want to work so hard to befriend anyone. I don’t do that in real life, and I certainly won’t do it on Twitter.

I don’t care who you are. I don’t care how many followers you have. I don’t care if you’re the Queen of England, (who doesn’t use TrueTwit, by the way).

You want to be part of a social network like Twitter? Then behave socially, otherwise delete your account and stop wasting my time.



39 responses to “Why I Won’t Follow Users of TrueTwit

  1. SOCIAL Networking not business networking. They’re different. It’s why I don’t follow or friend businesses or people who don’t write their own tweets. (is there room for both of us on your soapbox?)

  2. I had not heard of TrueTwit. What an annoying thing. I’m perfectly willing to send a ‘follow’ request. I tend to assume that a person with a private profile may have a good reason (stalker ex for instance) to monitor who has access to their content, and it’s no more than a button click to ask to follow. But TrueTwit annoys the hell out of me now that I know about it. I’m afraid that my replies to any of its autobot questions would be expletive laden. Not that this is so different from the things I say every other day.

  3. Haha jesterqueen! It is annoying, and I try to follow people who interest me, so it’s off-putting when I get the big STOP sign in my DM saying I have to do an extra step before I’m acknowledged. Sorry, but I don’t jump through hoops for this type of stuff.
    Thanks for commenting.

    • Not the stop signs — I mean like the “I clicked the button and it was a request to follow” rather than an automatic follow that I had just submitted. The onus is on them to either accept or reject me, and I don’t have to do another step. The stop sign ones are just absurd and I agree one hundred percent.

      • Thanks Jesterqueen,
        Agree, with TrueTwit, once you follow someone, they are followed, but they have not followed you back, nor will they unless the “robot validator” says they should. What I usually do is delete the DM, unfollow and block. That way, I don’t have to ever send a request to this person again.
        That’s why the whole thing pisses me off because it’s a waste of my time. I’ve checked out the profile of this person before following. They can have the courtesy to check mine out and see if they want to follow back. Don’t get some damn automated service to think for you.


  4. “not arranging a marriage”? Dang! And I almost have a decent dowry to offer. Phooey!

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  6. well said, eden – exactly how I feel 🙂

  7. Yep. Why does everything have to be so damn complicated?

  8. I HATE it when someone follows me then sends a DM with their link right away. Does that shit even work? No. I look at every profile of every person I want to follow. That’s the only hoop I’ll jump. Send me a DM without at least introducing yourself and you’re unfollowed. I find that so rude. GET YA HANDS OUTTA MAH PANTZ.

    • Ahhh, Mz Netta, leave it to you to put it so succinctly! Twitter is a breeding ground for some of the rudest behaviour I’ve ever seen. Just because it’s virtual should not mean we’ve lost our manners!

  9. Such a great article, Eden! I am on the same page with you on this topic. I never, ever follow users who use this service, either. In fact, I wish we could block them from following, since it annoys the heck out of me, too.

    Why must I be bothered to open, then delete a validation dm from a twit who may or may not know a single thing about me? You and the Queen of England have manners and class, which goes a long way in real life and on twitter! xo GGR

  10. Eden, I completely agree. I find TrueTwit offensive. If the person I wanted to follow really cared, then they would just visit my Twitter page and see that I was real!

  11. You cal that a rant? It’s called truth. Yuo know quickly who your friends are– even on Twitter. I’m with Tim on this one. MY middle name is simple– just like my brain. You are my friend pretty Eden!

  12. Last TrueTwit person I followed sent me a spam about horrible things people were saying about me at some fake Twitter link. Sent me an email asking for my Twitter password.
    Interesting perspective. I was beginning to think I was the only person who only follows people simply because I want to read what they’re saying. I guess I’ve been reading too many marketing blogs. Thanks for bringing me back to earth.

    • Hi Rachel, sorry to hear about your spammy experience. I get loads of that too. DMs are a breeding ground for hackers too so I never open up links from anyone I don’t know.

      As a writer, I follow writers , bloggers, readers, artists, and people whom I think will interest me. It’s really not unlike real life networking.

      When I’ve taken the time to read someone’s profile and decided to follow only to be given the Truetwit message, it riles me and I really don’t care to go further. Truly, it’s akin to approaching someone in real life because they seem interesting, and after talking to them a bit, you want to get together for a coffee, only to learn they’ll connect you with their “rep” to see if you are worthy of their friendship. Leaves a bitter taste.


      • I just unfollowed someone for sending spammy DMs. Don’t know if she’s real or a bot, but I severed that link. I think. They can’t DM someone who’s not following them, can they?

  13. Girl, we are so on the same page again. The minute I get one of those requests in my DM box, I either hit the block button, or if I’m in an especially snarky mood, I give them a piece of my mind. It’s an obnoxious practice that only narcissistic dolts play around with. Plus, in my mind it’s extremely lazy. I mean, seriously, can’t you do your own due diligence on followers?? I do, every single person I follow has been checked out by me, not by a bot. grrr

  14. Life is too short to let any automated service step in front of human interaction – well said, eden.

  15. The name says it all – True Twits, er, Twit –
    BTW, ‘Hello.’

  16. i couldn’t agree more. automatic DMs of any kind are just blech. it’s easy to tell who’s human and who’s not. thanks for flying the flag for all of us, Eden. xo

  17. This is the first I’ve heard of that, Eden.

    Quite annoying, at that…

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