Holiday Magic

A few months ago I learned that my nephew was getting married, and he was planning a “destination wedding”. He loves Disney World, and he and his fiancée had decided to get married there a week before Christmas.

Initially, the idea of traveling 3000 miles for what will amount to a long weekend the week before Christmas was exhausting. I mean, who needs a major trip right in the middle of the holidays? Then I started to think about it.

I confess, I really love theme parks. I visited Disney World when it was just the Magic Kingdom and Epcot, and Kissimmee was a little town. I remember staying with a friend and picking oranges in the backyard, right in the middle of town. When I visited a few years ago with my family, things had certainly changed.

But the magic is still there. I love the idea of entering a place where you suspend disbelief. A theme park is like a book in that way. You know none of the illusions are real, but you really don’t care, because you’re there for the entertainment.

So I did some research and discovered that there are special decorations, and even a special Christmas Party with Mickey and his friends. I planned my trip so I can visit Universal Studios too, because there are new rides around Harry Potter, in the same park as all the Dr. Seuss characters.

So, what initially had sounded like a disruption to all my holiday planning will be a short vacation. I’ve heard the weather is lovely, (72 degrees is tropical to those of us who live in the Northwest). Best of all,

I’ll see my Mom, sister, niece, grand-nephew and my nephew who is getting married.
I just hope he doesn’t object to the Minnie Mouse ears at the wedding! Have a Happy Holiday!

Deborah Schneider


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