Let’s Not Say Goodbye, Only Farewell

As you’ll see from Wally’s blog today, Black Ink, White Paper is winding up. We’ll be done as of December 31. We’ve had a terrific time with all our readers, but it’s time for us – for all of us – to move on to something new. So if you’ve enjoyed any one of us, or all of us, please follow us on our new endeavors. At the end of the year, we’ll leave you with all our personal blogs, websites, Twitter, Facebook, and whatever other social media we subscribe to.
We’ll enjoy seeing you during December – and elsewhere after that.
Kate and Lisa


When I heard the news that Black Ink White Paper was going to be retired at the end of the month, I was filled with all sorts of emotions. Sadness, relief, anger (at myself) came rushing in to harass me, assail my psyche. Why you might ask? Anyone who knows me will tell you I am neither self-deprecating, and I certainly don’t think of myself as a victim. I guess my first thought was the shutting down of the blog was a sign that it had failed, we, the writers, had failed, I had failed. Which, after I quit beating myself up, I realized was as far from the truth as one could possibly get.

Black Ink White Paper managed to grow and prosper for 20 some months, providing an insight to the life of the writer, from the perspective of an eclectic group of writers, poets, playwrights, screenwriters, essayists, short story writers, word smiths and yarn spinners who create a profusion of stories in plethora of disciplines: short fiction, poetry and novels / women’s fiction, magic realism, paranormal, erotica. /non-fiction adventure thriller/ YA fantasy, YA novel, science fiction/screenplay romance, and fantasy. We gave the blog readers a look into the “Writing Life” and a glimpse into our souls.
But first and foremost, we, the writers, became friends, friends I will never forget, friends I cherish as much as I cherish family. People I will miss sharing with on a daily basis. The blog was a direct connection that I will miss.

I have promised myself to make every effort to stay in touch with all the writers, no matter how crazy life gets. And I hope they will all do the same. I know I have gotten to know some of you better than others, but you are all in my thoughts and I don’t want to lose any of you. And that goes for the readers, too.

Let’s stay in touch, share our victories and achievements and if time and fate allow…

…a wee dram of good scotch whisky


4 responses to “Let’s Not Say Goodbye, Only Farewell

  1. It’s been a wonderful ride and I’m certain we will stay connected. I join Wally in inviting all our followers to keep in touch. I especially want to thank my screenwriting friend for including a group photo for those who don’t know us and how svelte and fashionable we are. That’s Wally and me on the right. Wally’s the one with the beard.

  2. Ray,
    Be sure and let me know when you arrive in Oregon, it’s but a short train ride from Seattle in all kinds of weather or a pleasant drive.
    PS: and you’ll be closer to the PNWA and Surrey International Writers Conference.

  3. Thanks to all, espeically Kate and Lisa, for a great run! Writing with you all has broadened my perspective, not to mention writing connections. Let me know if you come to the Surrey Festival – Vancouver is a stone’s throw away. Write on!

  4. I had a wonderful time as part of this eclectic group of writers. Loved the readers, commenters and all the excellent peeps I met here. WIll definitely stay connected via social media and hopefully … we’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when …but we’ll meet again some sunny day……


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