Thank You BIWP

It’s my final post here at BIWP, and it’s going to be short and bittersweet.

I finally met Kate Austin who invited me to be part of this collective and provided valuable advice when I started writing. She came to Toronto and we had dinner with Nancy, the friend who introduced me to Kate almost three years ago.

The evening was filled with laughter, and Kate was every bit as lovely in person as she’s been in the virtual world.

To everyone who made up this diverse group—it’s been a true pleasure writing with you.

Big hugs to all, and best for 2013 and beyond,


nancy, kate, me


14 responses to “Thank You BIWP

  1. Such wonderful, serendipitous connections this blog has made.

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  3. Looking forward as well to a bright, curious,risk-taking year ahead…best to you Eden and the collective.

  4. I’ve done the group thing myself. Sometimes it works, and there are other times when it’s needed to call it a day, but as long as you’re still all talking to each other, so much the better. Happy New Year!

    • Oh yes, it was just time to move forward, but we are all still friends. It’s been fun and I learned a lot with this group, and writing different material from what I would for my own blog. Thanks for all your support, William, xox

  5. I’m going to miss you. Getting to know you, if only through email, was a pleasure and I hope you will stay in touch. We, you and I, I hope will meet in person some day, here on the Wet Coast or in T Town which ever. — we have some scotch whisky to drink and tales to tell.

    Again, Please stay in touch



  6. Sorry to see you all stop– but you’ll be around and make me smile. Great writing from all of you!

  7. Aw, damn. I only recently found this adjunct site of yours and I liked it. Now, I’m going to have to read all the articles before it disappears forever. In any case, I’ll be around the netosphere always looking for whatever you’re writing and doing, lovely friend. Wishing you three ladies much joy, good health and success in 2013! XOXO

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