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What Perfume are you wearing?” “Event Horizon”

I can’t wear regular perfume. It doesn’t matter how good the stuff smells in the bottle, or in the air, or on a friend … when I put it on it immediately smells like old lady.

And not – sadly – like comforting grandma smell. But crazy, found dead under a pile of cats old lady.

Then, one glorious day, I found Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs where some of the best and the most unique hand-blended oil perfumes are made.

It would take me all day and then some to list out the different scents, stories, and magic that the lab puts out. Suffice it to say your best bet is to go take a peak yourself. *grins* Just don’t blame me if you come back lighter in the purse for it.

A sampling of the scents in my personal collection are: (descriptions from the Lab)

Port Royal – The Sodom of the New World! — touted as the richest and wickedest city in all creation! Port Royal was the center of 17th century Caribbean commerce, a notorious safe harbor for pirates, and the site of our third flagship store, which was, sadly, destroyed in the earthquake of 1692. Spiced rum and ship’s wood mixed with the body-warmed trace of a prostitute’s perfume and a hint of salty sea air on the dry-down.

El Dia De Los Reyas – The Day of Kings, the Celebration of the Magi. In Mexico, on January 6th, children place their shoes by their windows. If they have been good during the previous year, the Wise Men tuck gifts into their shoes during the night. Hot cocoa with cinnamon, coffee, and brown sugar.

Tintagel – According to legend, the birthplace of King Arthur. The scent of a castle’s great hall in the midst of joyous feasting. Spicy mulled wine flowing through the musky heat, warm leather and bright clash of armor, the damp branches of Cornish hawthorn, blackthorn, juniper, English elm and bayberry, and the magical tingle of dragon’s blood resin.

I have more. *grins* So many more. A whole collection of perfumes named after Poe. Scents from Alice in Wonderland. The Seven Deadly Sins.

Besides the fact that I can wear these perfumes and smell not-dead (well, unless I’m wearing The Premature Burial from the Poe collection 😛 ), I love the inspiration behind these scents. The endless ways that the masterminds at BPAL have mixed and blended some of the most unlikely of smells. The way they’ve partnered with the likes of Neil Gaiman and Mike Mignola to create scents out of their characters.

I love the inspiration that they give me. Several of the characters have their own signature scents from BPAL, to the point where if I’m not prepared to work on their story I’d better not put on the perfume.

I know there are a ton of BPALers out there, so speak up and share your favorites! For those new to the insanity, check it out and feel free to weigh in with your thoughts on this creative melding of art and smell.