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Impatience – I suffer from this, and I readily admit it. I especially suffer from it when I think someone is just being dumb. I have had this issue since I was a child. My mother was called in to talk to my second grade teacher way back when, and Mrs. Barkley told my mom that when asked why I didn’t like playing with other kids, I responded by telling her it was because they were stupid.

I’ve always been a loner, obviously, even back then. The people in my head were always way more interesting than real human beings. (I’m a writer, not schizophrenic, please remember that.) I always had problems making, or at least keeping, friends as a kid. They were immature, talked about dumb stuff, acted like kids.

So, okay, as background, I was the baby of the family, 10 years behind my youngest sibling. Of course kids my age were immature; I grew up and hung out with adults.

My impatience has been rearing its ugly little (or not so little) head lately. I know it’s something I must work on and have dealt with all my adult life. As an almost 40 year old, I can’t go around telling people they’re being stupid. Well, I suppose I could, but I’m sure it would not accomplish what I wish it to accomplish, and I might get slugged…or worse.

I get annoyed easily. From the people in my house trying to carry on a conversation with me while I’m staring at my computer screen and typing. Come on. If the fingers are moving, the nails are tap, tap, tapping on the keys in a fairly quick manner, I’m not listening to you! I’ve lived with these same people for 13 years, and they still haven’t figured that out. Funny thing is, if I really don’t stop to listen, they get impatient with me. I find this funny, because it’s like turning the table, right? How often does the hubby and teen “not hear” what Mom has to say?

In restaurants, I get annoyed when I’m ignored by the wait staff. (I think most people are this way, though) It happened just yesterday. I must say the waitress redeemed herself by the end of the meal, but, when the two waitresses are literally around the corner from where I’m standing by the “Please let us seat you” sign, and they’re laughing and talking about their kids, I got annoyed, impatient. I walked right around that corner (after standing there a full 3 minutes and listening to them yammer on) and said, “Would you like to seat us?” Snarky and rude sounding, but I don’t usually get loud with strangers. That fear of being slugged, I think, which comes from having big brothers who didn’t like my smart mouth as a kid.

I’m a Facebook addict. I love reading posts, especially from family and friends. In fact, I live a couple thousand miles from my family, and my mom calls me to find out what’s going on with the family, and she lives in the same town they do! (She refuses to use a computer) My impatience with FB? People posting political and religious views. Not just views, because everyone has a right to post what they think, but the “I’m right, you’re wrong” mentality. And if you disagree with them, publicly, by hitting the Reply button, you are a horrible person. I am a very open-minded person, so strong opinions usually annoy me. And, you will never, ever find a political or religious post on my Facebook status update, because I am very private about that stuff. Is it wrong that I wish every single person I knew in real life and on FB was as private as I am?

My goal in life is not to be impatient. To just “roll” with it. On the other hand, keeping it all inside will lead to a heart attack, right? *grin*

Have a great week, everyone… I’m going to try to! *grin*

Anna Leigh