Fukui and The Spotted Dick

No, this is not a porn post, so don’t get too excited. Fukui and The Spotted Dick are both names of restaurants in my fair city.

Toronto has a large variety of places to eat if one chooses to go out. It’s wonderful for a foodie like me. We have whole neighborhoods and streets defined by the culture of the people who either live or work there, and of course—by the food that is served.

One of the things I enjoy doing most with friends socially is sharing a meal and conversation. With some of my closest friends, we’ve often dined until closing time, which usually means we’ve been at the restaurant four to five hours.

I live in a predominantly Portuguese neighborhood that borders on “Little Italy” so there are Italian and Portuguese restaurants. Of course, we have several Chinatowns and areas where Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese restaurants are in abundance.

We also have a whole street devoted to Greek restaurants and a section just for East Indian food. Interspersed throughout the city are numerous pockets filled with culturally diverse cuisines. You name it—we’ve got it.

When I first spotted The Spotted Dick, a traditional English pub, I must admit I had a chuckle. English pub names are quite amusing. The other two that come to mind are The Dog’s Bullocks and The Pour House.


Overall, I’d say the Asian restaurants have the most interesting names when translated into the English language.  Fukui and Yuki are both Japanese/Korean restaurants.

My favorite, however, has to be a newly opened restaurant called Number Two in Chinatown. Ouch! How appetizing is that? I have yet to try it as I find the name completely off-putting. Perhaps I’m being too anal (hehe). I’m just grateful for other choices such as Mother’s Dumplings, King Noodle House, and Chinese Traditional Buns.

😉 eden

29 responses to “Fukui and The Spotted Dick

  1. Hee!

    Sometimes I wish I lived somewhere a little better known for its food choices. (Colorado does have some lovely restaurants, but not nearly enough for the foodie I wish I could be.)


  2. Even though the choices are somewhat varied in Santa Fe—Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, eclectic European—the samplings of each are few, eventually bringing one back to New Mexican, Mexican and Tex/Mex, the distinctions between which are slight. In every case, they center around the word chili and what is meant by it. Since we’ve begun to discuss food, I think this deserves a post sometime soon.

    Enjoy the culinary abundance, Eden. I hope Number Two means it is their second location. 🙂

  3. Unfortunately, Raymond – Number Two means they couldn’t get Number One – already taken.

    Either way – both bad.

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  5. I’m a twelve-year-old inside. I laughed the whole time at the names. You’d throw forks at me the while time we ate because I’d be giggling.

    They sound awesome. I’ve heard great things about Toronto’s eateries.

    • Hehe, I’m like you – toilet humor and funny sexual innuendos get me every time.
      One day I’ll walk into Number Two and tell them what it means – only I don’t think they’d appreciate it.

  6. Wow, Eden, I want to move to Toronto NOW, just for the variety of food there. You’ve made me laugh too. Yes, don’t you just love these creative names they have? Off the top of my head, I think there is one pub called Dandy Cock somewhere here in England 🙂

  7. I love Asian cuisine, but I love your post even more, Eden. We need to eat together one day. Big, warm, foodie hugs to you! :^)

  8. Mmmmmm, Spotted Dick . . . A lovely pub name 🙂 You have the best foodie variety to choose from in Toronto. Korean cuisine has always been a favorite: BeBimBop.
    Funny, but I do think you should put a curious and brave hat on and order the
    Number Two Special to go, please lol

  9. Ha!
    Number Two Special to go <<< THAT.IS.PRICELESS!

    Thanks Justin!

  10. Once again I find we have a common affinity, first it was fine scotch, and now I discover you love food, or should I say cuisine. foods of all nations, that’s me, and that’s why I love Seattle, it has great restaurants, especially all things Asian. If Belva and I ever get back there, or you out here, we will have fun deciding where to eat.


  11. You always find the coolest places…..Next time we catch up we will have to check some of these out…

  12. My barely hidden ‘inner child’ is uproariously chuckling… And now insists on commenting here… Wonderful post, eden and I’d love to join you for some great, international cuisine. I want to share with all my friends that I had a lovely evening out enjoying The Spotted Dick and The Dog’s Bullocks and then finished the night reveling in some Fukui Sushi .
    The adult here, now sincerely apologizes for that fresh faced kid in me… lol
    ~ Jeff

  13. LOL, love the names. Thanks for the smile.

  14. I have so much I’d like to say but good sense keeps me from it. I don’t think Number 2 would be my first choice of eateries== maybe after a few beers at Spotted Dick

  15. I don’t recall ever trying Portuguese cuisine… I love Italian, of course, and Chinese every once in awhile.

    I think I’ve heard of the Spotted Dick pub somewhere along the line.

    • William,
      If you’ve had Churrasco chicken/rabbit – that’s Portugese. Also they prepare a lot of seafood – cod, sardines. I prefer Italian, myself. I don’t mind Chinese food, but I prefer Thai and East Indian.

      Thanks for coming by!

  16. Now I’m hungry. Bad Eden! 😛 XOXO

  17. Ha! Sidney, I’ll eat at Number Two with you!

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